Broadcasters IPTV Solution

Broadcasters IPTV Solution

NITV Streaming Platform for Broadcasters is capable of delivering SD to HD Live streams, on-demand videos and DVR broadcasting to all screens (Web, Roku, iPhone, iPad, Android via our content delivery network. Platform will also include contents other then videos like news, magazine, ePaper, EPG over all screen together with Live and on-demand package.

NITV IPTV Broadcasters Solution

Broadcasters can reach global internet audience with flexible and customizable Multi-screen Apps after signup our broadcasters cloud solution. Hurry up to contact us and signup for the platform to publish your TV Apps . Our package are exciting specially for the TV Stations who are looking for Cloud Apps but don’t have sufficient resources and fund to invest for the same. We help from the scratch – making business plan and understanding the technology and trends


Why NITV Solution :

  • No Initial Development Cost for Apps and CMS System
  • No need to have additional engineering resources to invest
  • Simple and customizable encoding and Transcoding solution
  • Just 700 USD Monthly Platform Cost includes all features and services
  • Attractive Ad Platform for Additional revenue
  • Help making Business Plan and understanding the technology

Features on Multi Screen Apps for Broadcasters includes:

  • Live TV
  • Catch-up TV (DVR)
  • TV Shows
  • Youtube Playlist Manager
  • Youtube Channel
  • News Portal
  • eNews Paper
  • Magazine
  • FM/Radio Live
  • On-demand FM/Radio Programs
  • Photo Gallery
  • Social Apps Connect (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, GooglePlus etc)

Cloud Based Management Services Includes:

  • Easy Platform Signup for Broadcasters
  • Pay as well as Free Subscriber Management
  • Content Management (Live TV, VOD, playlist, News, FM/Radio etc)
  • Device type (Operating system)
  • Dynamic and Responsive Web Portals
  • Ad and Monetization (Pre-roll, Mid-roll and banner ads) Management
  • Unlimited Content Delivery Network
  • Adaptive Streaming for Live TV
  • Multiscreen Transcoder
  • CMS for News, ePaper and Magazine

Start up Package for Broadcasters

  • 700 USD Per Month,
    (150 USD for Platform Registration)

Package Includes

  • CMS Admin Panel
  • Upto 3 Live Channel
  • Catch-up TV for 1 Channel
  • 500GB Data Transfer
  • 50GB on-Demand Storage
  • Variable and Adaptive Bitrate Streaming Setup and Configuration
    (HD Stream Supported)
  • Mobile Streaming Support
    (iPhone/iPad, Android)
  • Youtube Channel Integration
  • Youtube Playlist Manager for TV Shows
  • HLS Stream Compatible
  • (Roku/Google TV/IPTV)
  • Website Embed Code
  • Usage Statistics

Playout Video Channel (Live TV)

Create your own 24-hour live channel – NITV provides a cloud based playout system that generates a live feed from a playlist of archived VOD assets. Includes integration of streaming code over website or any other purpose. Also, support for IPTVMulti screens – Roku, iOS, Android, Web/Mac.

Supported Features in Package:

  • 1 Channel Playout Channel Setup
  • Playlist PC Server Configuration
    (Can host pc with us or in customer premises)
  • Adaptive Bitrate Support
  • 5TB Data Transfer
  • Mobile Apps (iPhone and Android)
  • Roku App
  • Website Integration
  • Technical Support