Teleco's and ISP Solution

Telecos and ISP Solution

NITV end-to-end telco and ISP Solution offers any Internet service provider the ability to start an IPTV service instaltly. Solution consist of IPTV Middleware, Transcoders, Streaming Servers, Multi Device Apps, IP Set-top-box (MPEG4/H264 to 4K/H265 Support) and social OTT Apps. Encoding and Transcoding provisioning from SD to HD to 4K are already tested and shall be offered based on available contents

Why IPTV for Telcos and ISP ?

  • Promoting Local Contents and Localizing Global Contents over Telcos Network through OTT Platform is the key to improve Internet Strength utilizing local traffic.
  • Voice revenue for Telco is declining due to threats from VoIP Providers and free Social Apps services like Skype, viber. Data revenue is declining and bandwidth is becoming a commodity.
  • IPTV is only the way to provide interactive and managed content distribution both for Linear Channels as well as Video On Demand. Deploying Services over local Telco’s Network is only the feasible means of offering Adaptive Streams (SD to HD to 4K) based on Connectivity
  • OTT Services like e-learning, tv commerce, local social apps, locally operated user generated portals, tele-medicine, digital security monitoring etc are the key contents that needs to be promoted over Telco’s OTT IPTV Platform

Solution Outline

Solution Outline

We guide you Start from the Business:
We are here to help start from business plan to its execution.

What are the revenue streams on Telco’s IPTV ?

Pay Contents:

  • Subscription Revenue
  • Pay Per View Revenue
  • Hotel & Hospitality Package Sales Revenue

Advertising Revenue:

  • Monetize Contents on free package (Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Banner Roll)
  • Monetize Users & Activity
  • Target Ad, Interactive Ad, Big Data (Usage/Access)

Device Sales:

  • Set-top-box (Rental with Package or Onetime Sales
  • Mobile and Tablets (Rental with Package or Onetime Sales)

OTT Platform Revenue:

  • Platform for Content & Apps Vendors
  • Platform for Service Vendors
  • Platform for eLearning Content Providers
  • Platform for TV Commerce Providers

Bundle Package:

  • TV Package Bundle with Internet Data Plan
  • TV Package Bundle with Voice Plan


Contact us now for our IPTV Solution over your Telcos and ISP Network. We are excited to help you offering attractive pacakge after understanding and analyzing your current business model and infrastructure scenario. Don’t worry, we will help to plan proper business model for IPTV deployment