Research Center

About Research Center

Development and Research Center is R&D wing of New IT Venture (NITV) mainly involved in the development of Innovative ICT Tools. Involved with Different Projects for Technology Transformation. Introducing Japanese Innovative Technology in Abroad. Helping Japanese Firm in different ways aspects including feasibility study (technology as well as business feasibility) & Customization to Localize the Product.

Here are the Recent Research Work –

  • Mobile Technology 3G/LTE, IP Telephony, WiMAX, NGN (Next Generation Network)
  • Digital Grid – The “Internet of Energy”
  • 4K Live Streaming Platform over Multi Screen using High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC/H.265) Standard

About Research Team :

Team Leader
Telecom & Network Management Expert, Ex. Senior Engineer in NTT

Er. Shinpei KOBAYASI
Team Member
Wireless Technology Expert, Ex. Senior Engineer in NTT

Team Member
Network Mapping, F/S, Communication Expert,Ex. Senior Engineer in NTT

Er. Masahiro HASHIMOTO
Team Member
Network Management and Telecom System Design, Ex. Senior Engineer in NTT

Er. Rajendra Prasad Paudel
Team Member
Wireless Technology, Rural Network Planning, Social Media for Community

Team Member
Advanced Video Coding, Microelectronics, Video Processing, OTT IPTV, Ex. Researcher at Tokyo University

Dr. Shankar Man SHRESTHA
Digital Signal processing & Telecom

Er. Bishnu P. GAUTAM
Software: JAVA, C, Grid Computing

We invite everyone who have interest with our research activity to join the team and contribute your skill & experiences that might help to connect technology transformation.

Pls send your profile with your interest research topic at this email –