Premier Cloud Video Platform

New IT Venture (NITV) is a next generation OTT IPTV & Cloud Video Platform Company that has developed a Complete Video Streaming IPTV Solution for Broadcasters, Telcos, ISPs, Hospitality Services & Content Distributors.

NITV is an end-to-end IPTV system that will revolutionize the way people watch TV that works over any Network over Multi Screen TV, Mobile, Tablets, Smart TV, Roku, HDMI Dungles, STBs using a single unified platform.

NITV Solution enables any service providers to earn additional incremental recurring revenue by providing high definition live tv , video on demand and TV apps such as e-commerce or targeted advertising to their. Our IPTV solution enables any provider to start an triple play IPTV service over any broadband today.

Being a worldwide leader specializing in digital video broadcasting, distribution and monetization, we are the first OTT IPTV Platform for South Asian Expat. We deliver live and on-demand content to every Internet-enabled device imaginable; empowering media companies and wowing audiences around the world with interactive experiences leading the digital revolution.

Registered No0118-01-020444
EstablishedJanuary 2008
Capital52.6 Million Yen
Employees32 (7/Japan + 25/Overseas)
Account ClosingDecember End
RepresentativeKamal Adhikari
Bhaban Bhatta
Board MembersKamal Adhikari
Bhaban Bhatta
Ken Ehrhart
Tadashi Mori
BanksTokyo Mitsubishi UFJ
Mizuho Bank
Japan Postal Bank
AddressTokyo Headquarter
Kopo Yamato Bldg 1F & 2F
Tateishi 5-24-8, Katsushika-Ku
Tokyo 124-0012 JAPAN

NITV delivers your content to every corner of the world.

With our teleport and head-end facility, we provide global satellite transmission services with an emphasis on Global Content Distribution for Television, Radio and Data Channels over Satellite, Fiber and IP to every corner of the world. As a leading provider of transmission solutions for Video, Audio and Data, we provides an array of advanced solutions to broadcasters, Pay TV operators, Governments, satellite operators, ISP providers & large communication enterprises.

Our Head-end and Teleport solutions include satellite uplink, downlink, video Transcoding & Encoding for streaming standard of H264 and H265. 4K, High Definition (HD) & Standard Definition (SD)streaming services; play-out facilities; IPTV & Web streaming; and Media Analysis Technologies.

Complete Premier Cloud Video Delivery Solutions

Our Complete IPTV Solution Offer Services from Satellite downlink to Cloud Apps & Monetization

All Video Types (Subscription & Ad-based)

  • Linear Channels (Live TV + Catch up TV)
  • Video On Demand
  • User Generated Contents

Multi-Screen Delivery

  • On the PC: Web Portals
  • On the TV: Set Top Box and Smart TV
  • On the Go: Mobile Smartphone & Tablets

End-to-end IPTV Platform Solution & Services

  • OTT IPTV for ISPs/Telcos
  • OTT IPTV for Broadcasters/TV Stations
  • OTT IPTV for Hospitality
  • OTT Internet TV for Expat Community
  • IPTV Headend (H264 & H265 HEVC Encoding & Transcoding)
  • Cloud Streaming Services
  • Content Distribution
  • Teleport (Video Channels Downlink)
  • Tele Communication
  • Software Development and Mobile Apps

Our Strength

  • Service experience of more than 8 years on online Pay TV * IPTV
  • Engineering Experts
  • Experience to deliver Quality Product at Low Operating and Initial Cost
  • Developed by own Resources for all Components from App to Satellite Downlink
  • Dedicated Research Team
  • Experience of Content Syndication + Already have more then 150 TV Channels and Leading South Asian Movies Distributors in Partnering Relation
  • Already Proven Solution (IPTV for Telcos, Broadcasters Solution & Internet TV Distribution Platform) Deployed over different environment
  • Already have strong customer base